A Cube with a View

new cube

the new cube

Daily Prompt: Through the Window Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

On Monday, I came into work bright and early. Most of the office was at a presentation uptown, so I had the entire place to myself. Thankfully, I happen to be the type of person who truly enjoys being alone and is not afraid of silence, so I was quite pleased.

I’ve been contemplating moving to another cubicle for some time but felt overwhelmed by the mere thought of it (all these computer cables, all that dust… ugh!). Then I happened to stumble upon an inspiring article on the Daily Muse (a fantastic career-oriented resource for women), and I made the decision to move this week. When the opportunity presented itself first thing Monday morning, I dove right in. Nothing would be accomplished until I took the first step, which in my case meant switching the computer monitors. 

view from the cube

view from the cube

It took some effort (and an hour’s worth of sneezing), as the unused cubicle was full of old junk, but in the process, I managed to do some much-needed cleaning and reorganizing in both cubicles, and before I knew it, I had a brand new work space–one that makes me feel happier and more inspired. Why? Because it happens to be facing two big windows! There is a ton of natural light, which means I can finally have flowering plants, and I have a great view of Midtown Manhattan from 20 stories above.

Sometimes, I like to take a break to relax in front of the window. Several coworkers do the same from time to time. I don’t think anyone is looking at anything in particular. We just like to take it all in. The sheer size of everything is impressive–from the tiny people walking in the streets to buildings taller than us in the distance. Once the sun sets, you can see the bright lights of a rooftop nightclub. We still can’t figure out where that club is, or what goes on in there, but we are all curious…


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