How About This Weather!


The weather has become an unavoidable topic of conversation this past week. With the wind chill in the single digits, tonight dropping below zero, the cold literally hits you in the face. It makes for some crankier than usual New Yorkers, myself among them. Commuting in this dreadful cold is downright painful. And I hear snow is on the way, which will surely bring with it additional complications.

Was winter always such a miserable time? As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, this type of weather was not something I dreaded. I associated it with some of my favorite things, like playing in the snow, Christmas vacation, or my mom’s amazing hot chocolate. I have a vivid memory of being tucked into bed in my Popples pajamas, under layers of cozy blankets, and feeling the crispness of the tightly fitted sheets against my cold feet. It was a chilly delight that always made me giggle with excitement.

What would it take for us to take a break from our busy lives to simply enjoy the winter? To throw some snowballs around, or sip some hot chocolate between laps around the ice skating rink? It may not be as gratifying as when we were kids, but it’s worth a shot.


About Paola Mata

Mobile Developer @BuzzFeed. Co-founder of NYC Tech Latinas. Follow me: @PaolaNotPaolo

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