Stroke of Midnight



I must have jinxed myself last week when I bragged about how I rarely get sick, because right after Christmas I came down with the stomach flu, followed by the actual flu, which I have yet to recover from…. But there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to kiss 2012 good-bye and good riddance!

Somehow I managed to drag myself down to the greek restaurant where David currently works as a waiter. With a stuffy nose, puffy eyes, and clogged ears, I sat at the bar enjoying complimentary drinks while David finished his shift. We munched on some delicious fries with feta cheese and shared an entire sea bass. At midnight, along with the restaurant staff and some of the owner’s family, we toasted with champagne. Everyone hugged and kissed, and then the Greeks started breaking dishes and dancing and shouting “Opa!”

All I really wanted was to be with David at midnight, so I had no other expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised to have had such a fun New Year’s, even with my dreadful cold. Here’s hoping that this year will be full of happy surprises–with plenty of good food and wine, good people to share it with, laughter, dancing, and most of all, lots and lots of love. OPA!


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