First Loves

Alpine Cinemas in Brooklyn, NY

The summer of my junior year of high school remains, in my memory, one of the best times of my life. I started my first job working concessions at a local movie theater, where I earned a whopping $5.50/hour. I always smelled like popcorn, and the physical labor was exhausting…. But it was glorious. I had money, freedom, and I never paid for movies. Not to mention the fact that I suddenly gained popularity with boys.

Naturally, my first job led to my first boyfriend. His name was Steve. We watched movies together, we took our breaks together, and we developed a special bond based on similar musical taste and our mutual appreciation of junk food. It was simple, fun and lasted a whole three months, when we were separated by distance and schoolwork.

I was devastated. I didn’t eat for two weeks and moped around for months. I continued working weekends, but I had been banished to work the box office by management, who wanted to avoid public quarrels. I was thankful for the solitary confinement; it spared me the agony of facing Steve. It never even occurred to me to quit. I wouldn’t realize it for a while, but that summer, I developed a love that ran much deeper. There was no way I was going to give up unlimited free movies over a boy!

Today I frequent movie theaters all over the city, with all the excitement of first love. Read some of my thoughts on films on this blog.


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  1. Between the classic look of the marquee and the reflections in the street that photo is simply gorgeous!

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