Finding An Oasis

Puppies of New York

I consider myself fortunate to be a New Yorker. I love absolutely everything about this city, even the things I bitch about through social media when I am having an especially rotten day. On those days, what I really need is to feel a part of something bigger than myself, something special.

My favorite thing to do is take a good, long walk. Not to some beautiful garden in the middle of nowhere (If there is such a place, there’s probably an admission or membership fee). There are very few places you can go to in this city to be completely alone, besides your own home. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing–not to me, at least. I find it refreshing to walk through these busy streets, where millions are each struggling to “make it” in one way or another. And I enjoy those brief moments, for those few steps, when I become an extra in their stories.

At the very least, my walks serve to distract me from whatever drama I may currently be starring in. At best, I walk long enough to see something that makes me laugh or smile. But always, I am reminded that I am one of the many that make this the great city that it is.


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  1. In college I used to go on “walks” around campus at night to unwind (I used roller blades to get around, but the point was the same). As life got more complex I stopped setting aside that time… probably to my own detriment, I really should make it a priority. Great post.

  2. Glad you liked the post! 🙂

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