A New Happy Ending


Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook

Spoiler Alert: If you plan to watch Silver Linings Playbook (in theaters), do not read just yet.

I watched Silver Linings Playbook last week. It was an unconventional romantic comedy, with central characters who are troubled and unpredictable but still very likable. You really want things to work out for them throughout the entire movie–and you know they will, of course, because of their great chemistry and their immediate connection.

So then why, oh why, did the people responsible for this film (Excuse me for not knowing their names, but I’m not a film critic or in the film industry; just someone with an opinion.) choose to go with a cheesy, overdone rom-com ending?! I found myself smirking at the screen while watching the final scene, where Bradley Cooper chases Jennifer Lawrence, who has run away after they finished the dance sequence they spent the entire movie rehearsing for and made everyone proud, because she wrongly believes Cooper’s character will end up with his estranged wife after all. She’s distraught, of course, but he finds her and confesses his love, at which point they have one of those dizzying movie kisses, with random romantic music playing in the background.

I don’t know how I was expecting the film to end, but it certainly wasn’t happily ever after, especially since we are essentially dealing with two very emotionally disturbed people. There is no way that everything suddenly falls into place (unless they somehow found the right meds but the director chose to cut that scene). It was so unbelievable that it made the rest of the film less credible, which is such a shame, because I thought it was really onto something.

That being said, I did enjoy the film. I think the acting is superb, and there are so many poignant moments that redeem the story as a whole. I only wish the ending reflected the same level of honesty as the rest of the film. I’d rather have walked away not knowing exactly what would happen to those crazy kids than being force-fed an unrealistic happy ending. Yes, I am a romantic (I took an entire course on Jane Austen, for goodness sake!), but I also believe it is possible to be happy in a way that is true to who you are. And this particular couple deserved an ending all their own.


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